Samosa, should you be eating it?

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Before answering this question let’s break down the components present in a samosa. Samosa (Pastry filled with Potatoes and Peas (Fried) on an average contains 52% fat, 42% carbohydrate and 6% proteins.

The related health issue

Samosa is not harmful on its own. The oil in which samosa is prepared determines its eatability. The risk is increased with respect to roadside street samosas where the vendors use the same oil for frying multiple rounds of samosas. Repeated heating of food and multiple usages of the same oil generated trans-fat.

Now, what is this trans fat and how does it affect us? According to a Harvard study, trans-fat is the worst kind of fat and must be avoided at all cost. Hydrogenation of helpful vegetable oils leads to the formation of trans-fat. Trans fats increase the amount of harmful LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream and reduce the amount of beneficial HDL cholesterol. Just to put this into perspective, according to another Harvard study, the intake of trans fat leads to coronary heart disease, sudden death from cardiac causes, and diabetes and numerically every 2% of calories from trans fat increases the risk of heart disease by 23%. But samosas prepared from every oil are not harmful. Samosas from vegetable oils which are not trans fat are good but still, the amount of fat intake is an issue.

Samosas and weight loss

The above mentioned two topics are very contradictory. An average samosa provides around 300-400 calorie which is equivalent to a 75-kilogram person walking 2-3 hours at a normal pace. Below is a table from a site, verywell showing calorie burnt with respect to weight and distance walked.



45 54 64 73 82 91 100 113 125 136
1.6 53 64 74 85 96 106 117 133 146 160
3.2 106 128 149 170 191 213 234 266 292 319
4.8 160 191 223 255 287 319 351 399 439 479
6.4 213 255 298 340 383 425 468 532 585 638
8.0 266 319 372 425 479 532 585 665 731 798
9.7 319 383 446 510 574 638 702 798 877 957

So as you can see, it does not matter you walk 3, 4, 5 km or even more, if you eat even one samosa, the efforts would lay waste. Hence, I would advise low and healthy fats, especially during weight loss.

To understand this you can compare the following activities and their respective calories burnt with eating samosas:-

  1. Sleeping: an average person of 68 kg burns 70 calories per hour approximately
  2. A horror movie: 90 min of horror/adrenaline movie burns 110 calories.


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