Nrusinghnath Temple - Entrance Gate

Nrusinghanath Temple | Odisha | Things to know before you go

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Nrusinghanath Temple


Nrusinghanath is one of the most important temples of Odisha. The temple is located in Paikmal, Bargarh district.

The temple is easily accessible from Chhattisgarh. From Raipur, it is around 250 km. From Korba (200 km).

Nrusinghanath Temple Entrance
Nrusinghanath Temple Entrance

Attractions: Nrusinghanath Temple

       Temple itself

The temple itself(containing the statue of Lord Nrusinghanath has a very small entrance. There you will find pandit chanting mantras. The inside can contain a queue of around 15-20 people standing in a round, entering from one door, praying and then leaving from another door in a queue.


The temple has a very beautiful entrance. There you will find prasad inside the temple itself. Monkeys seem to be very notorious in the temple. They will try to snatch your food the first chance they get. Be humble and pass and don’t try to scare them at all, they will scare you back !!!!!

Nrusinghanath monkey snatched a girl's dupatta
Monkey with a Dupatta


Nrusinghanath Monkey eating sugar
Monkey eating sugar

       Big Hanuman Statue in garden

The garden has a fee of Rs 5 per person. Inside you will find a Big Hanuman Statue of 28 ft height. The garden is well maintained. There you will find symbolic statues of a crocodile biting an elephant’s(named Gajendra) foot, along with an artificial tree where Lord Krishna is sitting. The garden has a tree with circular concrete seating area surrounding it.

Nrusinghanath: Hanuman Statue
Nrusinghanath: Hanuman Statue

       Nrusinghanath Waterfall

The waterfall seems to be the most sought-after attraction in the temple. The water is icy cold and you will find many people bathing in the waterfall. The floor is not slippery and is easily accessible even for people of age 50’s-60’s. You will find many checkpoints to bath with respect to altitude. There is also a changing room just beside one of the checkpoints (as far as I know). You must bath if you visit this place for fun.

Nrusinghanath: Waterfall
Nrusinghanath: Waterfall



There are many local shops where you can shop. You can buy things such as idols, statues and most popular Ayurvedic herbs and medicines. You will find many shops that sell Ayurvedic herbs which have many medicinal properties. There are shops for refreshments as well such as tea, samosa. Temple offers food for Rs 40 per head (rice, dal, vegetables).

But, as mentioned in the temple, a camera is strictly prohibited. But you can take a receipt of Rs 100 and take your camera inside for capturing your memories as we did.
The temple is a nice outing with your family and friends and you need 3-4 hours depending on your interests to explore the place calmly and extensively.

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