3 Foods that cause acne.

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Acne has always been a major concern for youngsters and teens. They are very particular about acne and hence try a lot of things to remove and eliminate it. One of them should be to avoid foods that cause acne. Yes!! you read it right. Follow along.

These are the foods that have a positive relationship with acne:

  1. Instant oatmeal:

    This is a very high glycemic diet. According to this study, foods with high glycemic index causes acne. Other foods which are also high on the glycemic index also have a positive relationship with the acne and thus cause acne.oatmeal photo

  2. Milk especially skim milk

    There has been ample study which shows that milk (especially skim milk) [1][2] is strongly related to causing acne (not low-fat milk instead total milk). [1][2][3][4][5]. As per this research, milk leads to an elevated level of insulin. This research shows that increasing insulin leads to a positive relationship with acne. Also, Higher frequency of milk was positively associated with acne. This study indicates that repeated intake of cow’s milk increased the prevalence of milk and also its severity. This research completely describes the biological mechanism by which milk affects the body and thus cause acne.milk photo

  3. Ice-Cream

    Ice-cream also causes acne. This study shows that higher frequency of ice cream intake was positively associated with acne. Also, it furthers states that, consumption of ice cream more than once a week also increased the risk of having acne by 4 times compared to those who did not take ice cream at all.ice-cream photo

    Also, there have been various myths about various other foods such as chocolates, nuts, yoghurt, cheese are also acne causing foods. But studies show otherwise. This study clearly negates this argument giving statistical proof that chocolate, nuts, yoghurt and cheese do not cause acne. Now, I have not come across any such article which shows a positive relationship between acne and mentioned foods. But foods that trigger insulin or have a high glycemic index definitely cause acne.

And thus next time if you have acne stop eating dairy products like oatmeal, milk, ice-cream especially skim milk. 



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